The Dangerous Numbers Game


No other aspect of economic analysis is more poorly understood, more consistently abused, and more unfailingly challenged than the data.  Data are chosen to bolster particular points of view, manipulated to "prove" arguments, and sometimes faked when the stakes are high.  But the most dangerous (and unconscionable) game that economists and other analysts play is the time game: "I have no time to get valid data, so I'll use this other set of data: who will know the difference".  And inevitably, this "other" set of data is a poor substitute for the valid data and often leads to poor decision-making.  Our comitttment is the provision of accurate and timely information.

We focus on three areas:

 1) Vehicle Characteristics: we maintain a comprehensive set of vehicle characteristics for all regions in the Province and undertake a variety of studies on topical questions regarding vehicles and their impacts on the economy, on the environment, and on the community.  Click on AUTOSTAT >> for more information and an inventory of recent papers.

2) Regional Input-Output Analysis: In conjunction with the BC Ministry of Transportation, we have developed an extended Regional Input-Output Model that enables the analyst to estimate the impacts on GDP, employment and taxes in one region of the province from an increase in economc activy in another.  Click on MODELS to the right for more information and an example of the type of output the Model generates.

3) Tourism Impacts: Based on a methodology that won us the International Travel and Tourism Research Association's "Best Tourism Research" award, we have undertaken numerous studies, both in BC and abroad, of the impacts of tourism-related businesses on the economy.  An example of these studies can be found at the right.

This study is the first to compare the economic value of bear viewing and trophy hunting for both grizzly and black bears in the Central and...