About Pacific Analytics


Pacific Analytics Inc. is a firm of consulting economists based in Victoria, British Columbia.  Prior to entering the consulting field, Managing Principal, Jim Johnson, worked at the BC Ministry of Finance (BC STATS) where he was responsible for both the development of the provincial GDP Accounts and the BC Econometric Forecasting Model.  As well, he undertook a large number of economic impact studies using the BC Input-Output model. 

Pacific Analytics continues to work extensively with Input-Output Models, custom Census data, regional industry data, and in developing regional impact assessments.  As part of this work, Pacific Analytics developed, in conjunction with the BC Ministry of Transporation, a regionalised Input-Output Model (RIOM) that enables an analyst to estimate the direct, indirect and induced impacts on a specific Regional District of a project or investment. 

This Input-Output expertise is carried over to our work in Tourism.  Building on our work in the 1990s that won the International Travel and Tourism Research Association's award for "Best Tourism Research", we have developed a methodology for estimating tourism impacts that replicates the International  standards for estimating National GDP Accounts.  Consequently, the estimates we generate for tourism-related industries are exactly equivilent and therefore completely comparable to standard industries such as mining or manaufacturing.

Finally, Pacific Analytics is an expert firm on vehicle modelling and maintains a comprehensive database of vehicle characteristics for BC as well as a detailed VKT/GHG Forecasting Model that generates 25 year projections of vehicle stock, fuel consumption, GHG emissions and tax revenues for any region or municipality in the province.

Mr. Johnson has a M.A. (Resource Economics) from UBC and holds a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation focusing on corporate financial evaluation.